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Business Name: Nick Name: Burewala punjab Pakistan (334) 458-9823
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Machine Learning: Regression Models - Simple, Multiple and Logistic Regression Classification Problems using KNN, Decision Trees - Bagging(Random Forest) and Boosting(GBM and Xgboost), Naive Bayes, SVM and Neural Networks. Unsupervised Learning: PCA, K-means & Hierarchical Clustering. Model Building: Python (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Theano, Keras, Tensorflow and BeautifulSoup) Visualization: Python (Matplotlib, Plotly), Kibana (Elastic Search), Tableau


Professional Summary: ●Experienced Development Engineer having more than 7 years experience of working in the information technology and services industry. ● Experience of building machine learning and ETL pipelines from scratch and deploying in production. ● Expertise in using Kafka, Apache Spark , Spark Streaming, MapReduce and Hadoop ecosystem. ● Experience in validation and selection of ensembled machine learning models. ● Experience using machine learning frameworks like H2o , TensorFlow


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Data Science Expert Areas of Expertise: ● Machine Learning● Python● ElasticSearch● Anomaly Detection System● CI/CD ● Data Science● Spark● Java● Clo ● DeepLearning ● TimeSeries ● Recommendation ● Django ● Flask

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Freelance Content Editor, English



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