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Top Reasons of iPhone Popularity

Popularity is very hard to achieve and Apple had spent years to make its brand most popular. Apple studied user behavior and adopted the user choice as their phone design principles. Here at, we made a list of top reasons. We do these studies to help our members to adopt these golden rules in their freelancing businesses. These business rules and guidelines are already tested by these big companies. Freelancers can use them with confidence to make money.

iPhone Pictures

Following are the top reasons:


Apple spent too much time to make the phone design unique. Aluminum phone casings are very unique. Phone casings or designs are very graceful.

iPhone Design


Apple’s iPhones are very durable. We would say they never die if someone keep them with care.

iPhone Durability

Software Updates:

Software updates are very critical to deal with online security. Apple updates its devices longer than any other phone company. The update years are normally 3 to 4 years. On the other hand, some cheaper Android based phone makers never update the device. That means, Apple takes care of its customers and its device after they sell them.

iPhone Software Updates

Support and Care:

Apple has its own shops around the world and has call center to help trouble shoot the phones. Every Apple store provides free training as well.

Support and Care

Per Day or Per Month Cost:

Apple last longer and they keep getting updates. Updated phones provide security to its users. Apple customers pay premium price for the device because their confidence level is so high about the device. It is estimated that Apple lasts 4 times longer than any Android phone. Longer life of the phone decreases per day cost of the device.

iPhone Parts

Unique Software:

Apple iOS is unique and it is being used only in Apple devices. Apple develops the updates and keep updating its devices year round.

iOS 13


Apple iPhones are simple to use and very user friendly. We never hear of people saying they do not understand their device.

iphone simplicity


Apple iPhone is the only device which has both software and hardware made by the same company. All the phone components are being selected after complete engineering studies. Fully compatible components make the iPhone working and smooth and device lasts longer.

iPhone Manufacturing

Unlocked iPhones:

The cellphone market is changing all the times. New service providers come and go. Companies launch new attractive plans to increase their user base. Cellphone users always prefer an unlocked phone so they can easily switch from one carrier to another of their choice. Apple made carrier switching easy by offering unlocked iPhones through its own stores and online store.

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