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Suggestions for supporting vulnerable populations during COVID-19 outbreaks

Provide clear instructions about how to wash hands and cover coughs using:

the most commonly used language in the community
short messages that explain simple steps they can take
large font and graphics
accessible instructions (e.g., braille, pictoral)
by posting signs in common areas near sinks, entrances, intake areas, restrooms, sleeping areas, recreation areas, waiting rooms
Consider supporting alternatives such as:

using volunteer drivers and subsidized taxi fares instead of public transportation
putting in place alternative outreach measures or a “buddy” system
including policies to allow sick clients to rest in shelters during the day
providing access to food, drinks and supplies, as possible
reminding clients to fill or refill prescriptions, and necessary medical supplies
If you suspect a client is sick from COVID-19, please contact your local public health authority.

We can all do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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