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How organizations can support vulnerable populations during COVID-19 outbreaks

Take the time to learn the facts:

Know more about COVID-19 by visiting .
Keep up-to-date about the current situation in your community.
Contact local, provincial, territorial public health officials to get relevant COVID-19 information, resources and guidance.
Take time to get prepared:

Review your business continuity plan so you and your staff know what to do.
Plan ahead for potential disruptions.
Identify and plan how to continue providing the most critical services.
Partner with organizations that provide similar services to share resources and strategies.
Be prepared to answer questions from staff, volunteers, and clients.
Consider stockpiling general supplies and cleaning supplies.
Prepare for shelters and communal space limitations.
Educate staff about ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Washing hands often with soap and hot water or use of alcohol based sanitizer.
Increasing access to hand hygiene and cough etiquette supplies (e.g., alcohol-based hand rub, soap, paper towels, tissues, waste containers).
Cleaning frequently used spaces, surfaces and objects (kitchens, common areas, dining areas, desks, shared sleeping spaces, doorknobs, and faucets).
Staying home when sick.
Avoiding the use of shared personal items.
Sharing information about what to do if staff or a client shows symptoms of becoming sick.
Sharing steps about how to care for and isolate people living in a crowded facility (including the use of separate washrooms, if available).

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