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3 Reasons To Try Freelancing

How many times did you think about freelancing but never tried it? You might want a side gig, or you’ve been thinking about leaving the corporate world to start your own thing together … but anxiety is holding you back from making the switch. You are not alone in this.

As a career coach, I have observed time and again how nerve-racking it can be for my clients to leave a safe regular job and move into freelance work. But what do you know? We rarely look back, as we take the plunge. Freelancing is not for everyone but for some professionals, freelancing can be the perfect career change. Here at, we love to recommend it as an alternative to pursuing a career.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly prevalent and feasible across a number of industries. The Labor Statistics Bureau estimates that 53 million Americans receive freelancing wages, which is about one in three workers.

Freelancing requires commitment and can be a huge lifestyle change. Freelancing is associated with lot of benefits and the versatility is one of these. Like anything, freelancing has its downsides too (as paying for your own health insurance), so be sure to carefully weigh everything before you dive in.

Here are three reasons why it might be time to step away from your comfort zone and try freelancing.

1. Technology has made it easy

2. It’s a growing industry, and the work is there.

3. You get to be your own boss.

Freelancing is easier to do than ever before. Now is the perfect time to test out being your own boss.

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