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10 Essential Tools for Freelancers

World economies are changing so fast. The job market has to follow all the changing trends. Rising markets in developing countries are in high demand of skilled labor. This skilled labor could be direct labor or indirect labor or remote labor force. The remote labor force or work from home people are also considered freelancers. Digital innovation has changed the way we do business. Now, organizations collaborate on a global scale, and many individuals have opted to take the freelance route, enabling them to work from home, or wherever else they like.

To help, has compiled a list of tools that can improve communication and better organize your workload.

Waste No Time
This is a Chrome extension that lets you set a time you want to work from home, then blocks distracting websites during this period. Boost your focus and efficiency so that you can get more done and easily avoid procrastination, as you’ll simply be unable to check your Facebook messages.

Work Hard Anywhere
This clever app helps you find laptop-friendly cafés and bars, where you can work for hours on end without interruption. Whether you’re in a new city or are just away from the home office for the day, consult WHA for advice on the best spots near you.

Remoter VNC
Connect two remote computers from anywhere in the world, and you can see each other’s screens and work together with ease. The only choice you’ll need to make is whether you’ll work from home or at the beach!

Design emails and manage your mailing list with this marketing tool that keeps your business top of mind (and top of inbox). Schedule campaigns and send personalized emails: your clients will appreciate you looking after their needs, and you’ll form much closer bonds with them while closing more sales.

Keep your documents safe and easily shareable with this popular cloud storage service. Dropbox is convenient, easy to use and shows the power of smooth collaboration and record-breaking productivity.

Check this handy board-like management tool that helps you to track and manage multiple projects at once. With helpful reminders on what needs doing, there is simply no chance a task will ever slip off your radar again.

Capture your ideas on a large canvas where you can annotate them, and record online research you’ve been doing for extra peace of mind. If your brain is a jumble of thoughts and concepts, this online manager calls them into order.

If you spend a lot of time traveling, use this tool to schedule business calls and virtual meetings. It allows you to set meeting times with your clients and syncs with your online calendar. Remember to adjust time zones, if necessary.

Call any computer globally for zero cost with Talky. It’s very useful for staying in touch and discussing ideas, or for coaching and consulting when you have new members or clients that need to be filled in.

Wi-Fi Finder
This app does exactly as advertised. Use it to easily find free public Wi-Fi connections while working in unfamiliar locations away from home, so that you’re never stuck without connectivity again.

Technology is moving quickly in order to keep up with the demands of freelancers in this digital era. These tools will help you work efficiently from anywhere in the world, leaving you to focus better on the task at hand.

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