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  • Cash Business

    Cash Business Ideas

    A lot of handymen have no resources to register and maintain their small business. In the start, it could be a good idea to start charging cash to survive and […]

  • Most Common Blunders

    Six Most Common Blunders That Lead to Failure

    Blunder 1: Amount of Effort Exerted The single most important factor in determining who succeeds and who doesn’t is simply the amount of effort exerted. If you aren’t ready and […]

  • Legal Mistakes

    Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

    Failing to incorporate early enough. One problem that arises here is the so-called “forgotten founder”: a partner involved in starting the venture subsequently drops out. When the venture gets financing […]

  • Business Failure

    Eleven Common Causes of Business Failure

    Choosing a business that isn’t very profitable. Even though you generate lots of activity, the profits never materialize to the extent necessary to sustain an on-going company. Inadequate cash reserves. […]