Customer Operations Manager full-time

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We are searching for a Customer Service Representative to satisfy customer needs through transparent communication. In this role, you will listen to customer grievances and peacefully resolve any concerns they may have. Additionally, notify customers about the service features that are exciting and relevant to their individual needs. Salary Range: $46000 - $65000 per year. Responsibilities: Take incoming calls from clients and listen to concerns, complaints, and questions carefully. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times and take notes on customer remarks and issues. Fill out digital forms for new customers and actively promote additional services and products. Connect customers and vendors to the appropriate department if you are unable to assist them adequately with their needs. Meet with customer service managers and supervisors quarterly to discuss performance and set new goals; review recordings of calls and identify key areas that can use improvement. Respond to client email inquiries in a timely and courteous manner and send company emails to customers who have expressed interest in services. Attend regular training sessions in order to update skill sets and knowledge of corporate procedures. Contact clients about unpaid or overdue accounts, and attempt to collect or make the appropriate payment arrangements; update account information if a payment is made. Qualifications: Strong communication and problem-solving skills Ability to multitask High school diploma or equivalent Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills Comfortable sitting and speaking for long periods of time Additional Information: This is a full-time position eligible for benefits, which include, but are not limited to medical, dental, vision, four weeks of vacation, sick leave, most federal holidays. Job Location: NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE, INDIA

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