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Hello there! I am an online advertising specialist with 3 years of experience in Google Ads & Shopping, Bing, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, and not only. 📌 Any types of ads: search ads, display, PLAs (shopping), DSA, RLSA, video; on the search, display networks, social media. 📌 “Full-stack advertising”: setup, optimization or long term management of ads; implementation of GA or GTM; product feed creation for Google Merchant Center; a/b testing. 📌 Managers skills: proactivity, availability, focus on your ROI, custom reporting, rational budgeting, constant growth. I help businesses to drive more sales and improve their ROI through the right strategy and careful day-to-day management. How do I work? My first call is to make sure that analytics is set correctly, fix it if needed. Then I analyze the current state of the account and plan treatment and optimization processes. Every time I develop a unique and proper approach for each client. The only thing that does not change over the years is my dedication and aspiration to make the best of online advertising. I’ve worked on local, national, and international markets; with real estate, education, SaaS, retail and e-commerce; for the projects from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe (western and central), CIS. See how my skills can help your business! Contact me (or invite to an existing project), and I will gladly provide you with an initial audit and action plan to achieve your goals!

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