Freelance Content Editor, English is a place where professional freelance editors find new jobs What Your Skills Should Be: • Naturally, your English skills must be top notch • Editing is where your education matters: we would love it if you graduated with a focus on linguistics • Demand is higher for people who had previously worked as an editor, or at a similar position (copywriter, translator, etc.) • You must know how to use a computer. A valuable asset would be if you know how to work with special editing and translating software such as ProZ, Multitran, and so on • As an editor, you need to possess high concentration, in order to be able to focus on details, and thoroughly read through every line of a text What You Will Do: • As an editor, your main task will be reading through a number of texts written in English. It is an everlasting seek-and-destroy mission: you read through the text, you find mistakes, and you take them out • You will get to not only edit and proofread articles and/or academic papers, but also fix the style of writing of others, and even rewrite occasionally this will be on you as well • You will need to check whether papers written by other writers match the requirements our customers provide when placing their orders • Keeping an eye on formatting (APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.) will also be your responsibility What You Will Get: • A chance to work without having to go to the office! A flexible schedule, of course: you choose when it is more comfortable for you to work • The salaries are competitive, and are complemented with a fair system of bonuses • You are your own manager, meaning it is up to you what workload you are eager to deal with • Working on a wide range of different subjects and disciplines meaning that you will not burn out editing the same topic over and over again • Coaching and training


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