Hiring full Kitchen staff for Children's Summer Camps in Ontario full-time

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Seeking Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks, Bakers, and Kitchen Helpers/Dishwashers for seasonal jobs in children summer camps. An opportunity to get out of the city and work at a childrens camp for the summer. Start dates: Varies from late May to late June depending on location. End dates: Varies from end of August to mid-September depending on location. Housing and Meals: Room and board included on site. Other Perks: Use of camp facilities such as canoes and kayaks, laundry services, Wi-Fi, etc. Location Details: Please note these locations are out of the city, sometimes very remote, and require you to live on site for the entire duration of your contract. We feed anywhere between 100 to 700 clients at each of our locations. Sites vary all over Ontario. Work Experience and Salary: Salary varies depending on experience and location. Room and Board included. Chef: Minimum 5 years experience as a head chef or sous chef. $1050/week to start + earned bonus. Sous Chef: Minimum 5 years experience as a cook or sous chef. $700-$800/week ($640-$740/week + $60/week bonus upon completion of contract) Baker: Minimum 2 years experience as a baker. $600-$750/week ($540-$690/week + $60/week bonus upon completion of contract) Cook: Minimum 2 years experience as a cook. $600/week ($540/week +$60/week bonus upon completion of contract) Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher: No experience required. $550/week ($490/week +$60/week bonus upon completion of contract) The right candidate would have to: Be willing to relocate and live on site for the duration of their contract. Room and Board are on location, and included in your salary. Job Descriptions: Head Chef: The Head Chef must be a great cook and have the ability to motivate, train, and manage 5-20 staff. Head Chefs need to have great organization and management skills. They also must be able to place accurate orders to ensure there is always the right amount of food in their inventory. The Chef is the representative of Lakeside Catering Services and is the person who both runs the kitchen and makes sure the client and their customers are very happy with the overall food service and the conduct of all Lakeside staff on premises. Sous Chef: The Sous Chef works alongside the Head Chef on food preparation and production. They assist with staff training and supervision, particularly on the Head Chef's day off, when the Sous Chef is responsible for overseeing the entire kitchen operation. Knowledge of homemade soups and sauces, excellent knife skills, supervisory skills and a good work ethic are required. Baker: The Baker is responsible for the preparation and production of all baked goods and desserts for the camp. This includes homemade breads, buns, cakes, cookies, muffins, squares, etc. all made from scratch. In smaller camps, the position also involves helping with basic food preparation and service at mealtimes. A good work ethic, the ability to learn quickly, independent work capabilities, and physical strength are required. Cook: The Cook works on food production, preparation, and service-including making soups, vegetable preparation, grillwork and some cooking of meats. Good knife skills, grilling, frying, physical endurance, and a good work ethic are required. Dishwasher/Kitchen Helper: This job does not require any experience. We only require applicants to have a good attitude, be able to be on their feet for long hours, and to have a great work ethic. This is an entry-level position where staff can grow with Lakeside. Strong employees are promoted each year, and all returning employees are given a raise. Many of our most senior staff started with us as a Dishwasher/Kitchen Helper. To apply, please e-mail jobs@lakesidecateringservices.com, or respond directly to this ad. Be sure to include your resume and desired position if you wish to be considered.

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