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Opportunities delivered Looking for an opportunity to learn and grow within Purolator? Here is another exciting opportunity for you to help us deliver on our customers’ promises Job Description As a Business Analyst you are data and insights driven and you apply your understanding of analytics to help organizations make smarter decisions. You have a passion for data and are inquisitive by nature; you ask the Why’s and explore data to uncover fundamental drivers and insights. Through your analysis you measure and report on business and customer performance; you leave no stone unturned and identify drivers, trends and areas for improvement; you provide recommendations for change and have the data to back it up. You are a self-starter, have excellent communication and collaboration skills and work well with business partners to highlight insights that can be leveraged to improve business performance and investment decisions. Our business is dynamic and requires someone who is able to connect the dots and expand their analytic skills across multiple lines of business. The candidate will participate in corporate analyses including but not limited to; marketing, retail, operations, HR, finance, and customer care. Key Areas of Responsibility: 1. Business Analysis & Reporting: Tackle large, complex, undefined problems and manage projects from inception and scoping through data gathering, analysis and results; define and structure the problem using a data-driven approach and engage with cross-functional partners as needed to deliver results. Evaluate tribal / past knowledge and what we / others believe or know versus what the data is telling us to inform the right business decisions and outcomes. Analyze weekly, monthly, quarterly and YOY trends. Proactively identify context to trends, drivers of changes, issues, and potential actions in key subject areas; and communicate findings to business stakeholders. Leverage performance analysis and share with relevant teams in their communication to customers and internal stakeholders to ensure metrics, analysis and recommendations provide explicit interpretation. Play a key role in analyses and establishing line of business KPIs (e.g. product, customer-centric, and operational performance); analyze their interdependencies and underlying drivers. 2. Marketing and Product Performance: Support Product and Marketing teams by providing reporting and actionable analysis on the performance of marketplace products and solutions. Conduct analysis of marketplace products with a focus on understanding the role product mix plays in generating value. 3. Customer-centric analysis: Analyze trends in customer response, acquisition, product migration (upgrade and downgrade movement), investigate root cause factors for customer fatigue and product de-activations, play a leading role in providing actionable insight for customer retention initiatives, and acquisition and win back campaigns. 4. Data Knowledge: Contribute to the data governance strategy through your support of the integrity of data, including but not limited to customer, product, service, and pricing information to ensure accuracy and consistency. Become familiar with Purolator and competitor products and market/industry data, specifically for online, and understand how it can be used to address business questions. Identify opportunities to improve or augment data structures. Work with Business Intelligence team to provide requirements for analysis tools and reporting that will make analysis efficient and visual. 5. Knowledge and Information Management: Conduct activities related to knowledge and information management processes, including but not limited to: Provide support to deliver and manage knowledge systems and repositories (shared storage locations, collaboration sites) Create content and manage documentation (newsletters, case studies and process documen

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