Technical Issues

  • Link in e-mail not working

    This could happen due to the following: You did not click on the link in the specified time. E-mail activation has a time limit and new users are required to […]

  • Upload File Error

    Check your file size and type. Only certain type of files are allowed to upload. Open that file in your own computer and save it in appropriate format and then […]

  • picture upload error

    There could be a situation where you have a saved picture but you can not upload this picture. You tried but it failed or no message and not showing in […]

  • Why can’t I send replies?

    This happens mostly due to the following: You may be blocked due to website policy violations. You may be using older browser. Your internet or firewall might not be allowing […]

  • Why I am not receiving replies?

    There could be several reasons. Some are as under: You Ad might be in the wrong spot or wrong category. You replies may be going into your spam folder. You […]

  • Why my Ad was removed?

    This could be frustrating or upsetting that your Ad was removed by Admins or Moderators. This could be due to the Ad not abiding by the website policies. You would […]

  • My Ad’s Locations is Wrong

    Here are the steps to correct this: Login to your account. Find the Ad in your Dashboard Click on Update Edit the Location Field. Preview the Ad to see if […]

  • I posted my Ad incorrectly

    No worries, you can edit your Ad anytime you want. It could be due to closing the browser without posting the Ad. You thought it is already posted but it […]

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