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  • What is the cheapest way to find customers?

    It depends on the nature of your business. For handymen, local job sites like are the best way to find customers. For Freelancers in IT field, you can try […]

  • How can I write an effective Ad?

    Writing an effective Ad is really very easy. There are lot of online resources those can help you write an effective Ad. Search your own business category in Google or […]

  • What does accounting software do?

    Accounting software handles all financial aspects of your company. The simplest programs help you pay bills, prepare invoices, calculate sales taxes, automate general ledger transactions, and track cash flow, revenue […]

  • How does accounting software help?

    Accounting software can help you: record transactions (bookkeeping) increase staff productivity get insights into overall financial performance create consolidated financial statements improve data accuracy decrease outstanding accounts receivable and make […]

  • What is Business Analysis?

    Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, […]

  • How do I calculate operating cost of my business?

    Operating Cost control is one of the most important aspects of business planning. Operating (Operational) costs are the expenses which are related to the operation of a business, or to […]

  • What is Business Capacity?

    Business capacity is the volume of work that can be handled by an organization, team, process, service or tool. It can often be scaled up and down by adding, reallocating […]

  • How can I maintain quality of work?

    Here are some useful tips to maintain quality: Always write your SOP or recipe on a paper and keep it with you or display it in your work. Design a […]

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