How to make Henna Paste

Henna plants grow all around the world in several countries. Henna plants grow well in hot climate areas with no or mild frost in the winter. Cut Henna shoots when blooming starts and dry them in shade.

Separate leave from shoots or branches. Dry them until they become crunchy.

Now make a powder and sift it through a fine cloth.

Make paste with tap water and put it at room temperature for about 12 hours.

Now buy or make a cone and fill the paste in it.

You are ready to make henna Tattoos

Start Your Own Henna Tattoo Printing Business

Henna Tattoo is one of ancients arts being used to beautify human beings. This is totally organic and does not harm human body. The Henna paste is simply ground leaves of Henna plant. The Henna paste just pour out of a thin hole to make a thin line of herbal paint.

Ready go tubes are available in all the markets around the world. Henna designs are also available in the market in books and online.

You may practise making Tattoos at rough paper or on friends hands.

Now advise your service to find clients.

Always start charging few dollars to make your clients.