On Location Special Occassion Hair and Makeup!!


I am offering hair and makeup services for your special occasion!! Special occasions/weddings can be very busy! Cut down time with me as your mobile hair and makeup artist! Believe me - i've have the experience of my own wedding - and if I could have done anything differently it would be that we all just stayed home and got ready all together! **Hair: Not only do I style, I also colour and cut hair as well. No matter what type of hair you may have I can work with it. You can either send me the picture of the style that you want or I can give you some advice. Just let me know of your hair type and I can make it happen! I have experience in creating beautiful styles including, simple, sleek, or intricate hair updos, half updos and braids I have played with curly hair, straight hair braided headbands, buns, multi-buns, bobby pins, clips etc.. I can also ad